Thursday, 27 June 2013

New Blog/Website


As always, it's been a while, I have been making a new website/blog you can see it here, I don't think I will be updating this one any more, It has been neglected and there is a lot of stuff on this blog which I don't like. The new blog is going well and has been updated quite a few times already, so why not come over and have a look.

I would just like to say thanks to all you bloggers who have followed me on here

Monday, 22 April 2013

New things.....New Shop

I have created a new Etsy shop. The last time I made one was about 3 or 4 years ago, when I decided to call it 'Brown Paper Bag' don't ask why, because I don't know myself. I deleted the shop, made a new one, with another stupid name and a new email address - deleted that, but then was never able to create a third shop because I ran out of email addresses.

For now I am using my 'day job' email address, which isn't ideal, but it will do for now I guess. I am also just using my name, as I decided this wasn't something I would get bored of.

Here you can see some of my listings, plenty more to come, I am still doing all my shrink, but at the moment you will mainly see this over at Folksy.

I have also 'rebranded' everything with a little pattern and hand drawn name, I hope I don't get bored of that too soon.

Recently I have been obsessing over packaging, and Pinterest (you can follow me here if you like) keeps me entertained for hours, looking at all the fancy bags, envelopes and washi tapes. I have just ordered some new stickers for my packaging and fancy little boxes for my earrings, its all very exciting.

I will hopefully have some exciting news about a new supplier soon, if all goes to plan they will be stocking my shrink designs and they want 6 new designs every six weeks, which is scary, but I am quite excited as it will push me to draw more, which is something I sometimes forget to do, especially with all the excitement of a laser cutter and new stockists.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

New things to come...

Hello there, as always its been a while, I haven't really had too much to blog about. I'm hoping to really step up a gear with the making this year though, and since getting a laser cutter towards the end of last year I have been busy changing my designs to suit the new materials I will be using like acrylic and wood...and lots more in the future but I'm keeping it simple to start with.
I will be keeping my most popular designs in shrink, but the majority I will stop selling to make way for some more exciting things.

So far I have only got a few designs finalised, and hoping in the next 2 months to have most of my new range up for sale in my folksy shop, I am also working on re-opening an Etsy shop, a bit of new branding with new packaging and business cards too.

I am over the moon to see some one I admire so much wearing something I have created, I was at a Kate Nash gig at Rough Trade and she said she really liked my necklace so obviously I gave it to her, and since, she has tweeted a photo of her wearing it, and she even tweeted a link to my shop. Amazing!

You can now buy this necklace in my folksy shop.