Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Early bird..

Getting up early for uni is always something i find difficult, so I surprised my self yesterday when i got up at 7.30 on a non-uni day. I decided to make use of my time and went to the 'tat' market in town.

I took a few polaroids for my project and found myself a bargain, 8 cassettes for £1. Then I spent the rest of the morning life drawing, which was quite a disaster as i am terrible at it.Something that wasn't quite so terrible were the cassettes i've drawn, i had a lot of fun doing them and i'm really pleased with how they've turned out.


The Talisman said...

Kayles. Nice tapes! What are they of? I've still got Michael Jackson - Dangerous, Meat Loaf - Welcome To The Neighbourhood, and Charles Dickens - Great Expectations on tape at home!

PS: Of more significant concern, why were you up at 7:30 on a non-Uni day?!


Deb said...

tapes! nice, clean and simple drawings of the cassette tapes. good use of colour as well. spot on. hope the project is going well. dx.