Sunday, 31 January 2010

Preston zine fair..

The fair was great. I really enjoyed being there, having a stall, and going round spending the money i had made on other peoples work. Here are a few photos of the fair. I think my most successful things were badges, mainly my new character badges. I am hoping to start selling them on here soon.


Deb said...

well done at the zine fair. sorry that i couldnt be there! once you have got your shop up and running please let me know. i can see the why the badges did well-they look great! dx.

Anthony Hill said...

Lovely photos from what was a lovely event. I'm particularly enjoying the irony of 'read zines not blogs' on the Cafe Royal stall. I'll look forward to seeing you at another of these fairs in the future :) xx a

Miss Mashed said...

the zine fair looks so pretty! You've made so much stuff, it all looks great! I bet those badges were snapped up fast :)