Saturday, 20 February 2010

mug design

More mug design ideas. I don't think ill use this one but i think i will use the idea, and try again with it. Please do not drink tea under water.


Anthony Hill said...

if this goes on to be a multi-million mug-selling design, i'll be expecting a cheque. i really like the way you've done it, but i think cos it's kind of daft, you should go more OTT with it... so maybe have the tentacular arms holding cups of tea and wrapping themselves around teapots etc... like '20,000 leagues under the sea' levels of silliness! (if u dont know what i mean, look it up :p xx a

p.s. it's lovely as it is, i just think there's more fun to be had with it ;)

Kayleigh said...

yeah i agree, i just got tired, like i said in the post i dont think ill be using it, i know it can be better!
thanks for your idea haha