Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Charlies cheeks

I am surprised at how much better charlie looks with no outline on his cheeks.


Steve Wilkin said...

I might point out however that his cheeks are on his temples?

Deb said...

hello kl. his cheeks are nicer without the outline - maybe all of him without an outline? also i would maybe move his face up a bit to line in with his cheeks or lower his cheeks a tad? dx.

Kayleigh said...

yes he needs a lot of work still, he made me cry lots last night, i am super stressing out about it. ill move his face about. i could try with out outlines but iv done this one on the computer, if i take the line away it looks scruffy cos the colour is very wonky. like i said lots more work to be done. :)

Steve Wilkin said...

I know of illustrators who cut out the features and move them around until they are happy with the placement.
Don't stress though Kayleigh It'll be fine. his cheeks do look better without an outline.
Wonky = personality

Anthony Hill said...

I don't think you should change his face, personally. I like that his cheeks are in the wrong place..! You're definitely right to lose the outline on his cheeks - such a subtle change but it's a big improvement, for sure. Are you going to try colouring Charlie in a similar way to those gorgeous animals you've just done? xx a