Sunday, 7 March 2010

What do you mean you have never seen a fox play the keyboard in the woods?

This is an extremely rushed rough, i am working with the idea of using acrylic/water colour to paint the colour on to my page using the light box with an image underneath and then drawing the outline on top in pencil, i actually like it which is a change, the bulb for my light box has just gone which is the 2nd in 2 days, unlucky. So this was done pretty rough, it's just an idea for a page in my book.


Steve Wilkin said...

I really like this "rough" drawing and the watercolour too!

Anthony Hill said...

this is a fantastic illustration... and i love the silliness of a fox playing keyboard in the woods. i can't wait to see more like this.. well done darlin xx a

Sector 4 said...

Something that everyone including you like? More more!

Also fox + keyboard = fantasticness.